"Lawn Chair"  Wood, 2006

This piece was designed as a conceptual piece of furniture.  It was constructed so that a body could sit in the chair with the fabric cover secured (not shown in the photos below).  The lawn chair is made out of lumber, dowels, hinges, and lime green acrylic paint.  The entire piece can be dismantled and folded up into a small dense pile (about 2"x 2") and wrapped in the fabric cover for easy and convenient storage or transportation.

The green color refers to to the relaxing and outdoorsy aspect of the chair at the same time that the unnatural neon pigment completely exaggerates the chair's ready-made quality.  In today's demanding consumer age everyone expects to be able to buy products that are already made but simply need to be put together.  The chair's ability to quickly deconstruct for easy carrying contrasts the exaggerated difficulty and confusion in putting it together.  The piece was a performance piece where the performer and their assistant began by walking onto the lawn with the small wooden parcel wrapped in the fabric.  The two people proceeded to take well over ten minutes to put the chair together before one of them was able to sit down and relax.

**Note: this project was a study and the final piece would be done with thinner and more durable materials in order to make its transportation far more convenient thus contrasting its difficulty of construction further.

Lawn Chair

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