Karla Andrea Hargrave was born in Brookfield, Connecticut.  She attended Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT for her undergraduate education.  Karla double majored in Art Studio (Sculpture) and Art History.  Showing her senior thesis in April of 2008 in a professional setting left her wanting to explore as many three-dimensional art forms as possible.  Karla discovered that finding ways to harness or release the energy created by chaos, accumulation, and assemblage inspired her further.

Throughout the years of Karla’s formal education she developed a love for the informal education that traveling provided.  The first time she set out on her own, she studied abroad for six months in Santiago, Chile as part of semester away from Wesleyan.  After this, Karla took a four-month journey through Europe, Africa, and Asia with a friend in September 2008. Now she dreams of one day going back to South and Central America for an extended period of time.

Karla moved to Berkeley, CA in March 2008 to pursue a career in the arts and prepare for acquiring an MFA in sculpture or theater design.  She feels a growing pull towards the creative three-dimensional outlet of theater design and hopes to soon become entirely immersed in a varied and challenging lifestyle that includes as much creative and intellectual thought as possible.

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