“The Me, Myself, and I Series”

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November-December 2009.  Brava Theater, San Francisco, CA.

Minor D’Tales was written and performed by D’Lo and directed by Adelina Anthony.

The Stove is White was written and performed by Jeanne Hayes and directed by Raelle Myrick-Hodges.

On the Rocks” was written and performed by Rachel Parker and Directed by Graham Mathew Smith.

Bare Knuckle” was written and performed by Anthem Salgado and Directed by Evren Odcikin

The four sets were designed by Karla Hargrave and created by Karla Hargrave and two assistants.

Two to three plays were shown in the same evening.  All Photographs by Karla Hargrave.

“On the Rocks”

More Pictures Coming Soon...

“The Hole”

“Bare Knuckle”

“Minor D’Tales”

“The Stove is White”