"Pill Box" Steel, 2006

The piece was created to resemble a large pill box with seven different compartments representing the days of the week.  I wanted to speak to the importance of and near dependence on daily schedules in our busy lives of today.  Will a time come that we are forced to plan our wardrobe a week in advance because we might otherwise forget to dress or not have the time to?  I wanted to exaggerate the idea of needing structure in our lives by using the permanent and rigid quality of steel as the object or thing that is governing and organizing the life of the person using the steel pill box.

I transformed the pill box into a wardrobe organizer that dictated what I was to wear each day of the week (Sunday to Saturday).  The "Friday" compartment is open and empty, showing that I was currently wearing Friday's clothing.  The used clothes are piled up behind the pill box to show the passage of the days and the result of the accumulation of the week's used clothing.

Pill Box

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